thistle chopstick (burnzone) wrote in prestigious,
thistle chopstick

Shopping on pain killer

Just found this community so I though I would post a rant:
So yesterday I decided to put down the pain killer, get out of bed and go shopping. It was a good Idea. I’m now feeling back to my normal snobbish debutant self. Though I am kind of pissed because Eliza organized all the new things in my closet completely wrong….ha, how could she do such a thing? Really, come on, who would put a Fernanda Niven handbag in the nit vintage section?
I can’t wait for winter so that I can wear my new Louis Vuitton black alligator boots. They are great; they have this dominatrix flair that makes them so perfect. They will look especially good with my Clements Ribeiro trench.
I tried to buy jeans yesterday…has the world gone crazy! 7’s are ruining my life, it seems like they are everywhere. They live in water like quantities on the shelves of small urban boutiques… and as chance would have it they make me look like my ass is about five sizes bigger than it really is, thanks to the half assed cut.
I did get some nice lace up Vietnam inspired Da-Nang pants as well as some nice coulored jelessy jeans.
That was basically my shopping binge. Now I’m back to the bed (wisdom teeth are the worst things ever)
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