*Jennifer* (kornandpeas) wrote in prestigious,

Popular is Me, which makes me better than you

Hey. I'm popular. Guys want to fuck me and girls want to fuck me too (and also be my friend--unless they hate me because they're jealous). I go to an expensive as hell private college in northern Ohio(Oberlin College). I have money. Lots and lots of money. I'm smart too--duh, I go to Oberlin. I am friends with the hot people in school--hot foreign people from countries such as Ghana, Thailand, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, India...oh my god, I can't even remember. Oh, and I have American friends too. Yeah, and I can't forget the jocks. You can't consider yourself popular if you don't a hot jock drolling all over you. =D

I used to live in Germany. That makes me popular too. I was born in Panama. That makes me even more popular.

Ok, besides that superficial shit, I am just a nice person. I get along with most people but sometimes I like to stir up drama. ;)

I very open minded and I like to try new things--that's why I have so many friends...or people who think they are my friends? Haha. What I meant by that comment is that there are many people out there who think they are my friend just because I know their name. No. As you may see on my friends list, I am very picky as to who my friends are. Not everyone can be my friend. Most are associates, which is why I keep my friends list low.

So there. I know that was half ass and I didn't really write much, but whatever. I have things to do.

(I'll tell you more about myself later.)

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